Human Performance

It all comes down to Learning.

I design, develop, implement, and evaluate Human Performance Systems using a series of cutting edge Rapid Instruction Development techniques.

What does this mean for you? You people work better, smarter, and have more fun doing it.

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Pulling Together

Look at anything successful in life. Movies, Politics, Charity, Sports, Business.

While they all have superstars, chances are that what you’re examining is the result of a highly motivated team. It takes real skill to bring vision to life. Humans are born with abilities but not skills,. Those are cultivated through hard work and practice.

It’s critical that you have a well-designed and delivered learning program for you and your organization to succeed.



Solid Foundations

The way the mind works might not be completelty understood, but it's not voodoo. There is a clear science behind what we do and how we think about it.

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?

Because they taste funny!

It's a truly awful joke. But the fact of the matter is that I don't know of one person that I have ever told that joke to who will forget it. It's the perfect example of learning. Brain science says we make associations that leave permanent records – memories. Especially when they resonate with something that we already know, and you add a conflict or a twist that makes no sense.

No one can trace back to when they learned a bad joke, and yet it comes to mind almost immediately. Even if you haven't thought about it in decades it's right there front and center, almost without effort.

The best learning programs are designed to use brain science in ways that facilitate our memories. After all, what’s a new skill if you don’t remember it?